Who We Are

Ragz On The Ridge became a vision between two old friends while sitting on a bench in beautiful downtown Blue Ridge, Georgia. Bob Wolf and Frankie Everett have been close friends for fifty years, they wanted to start a business that was eco friendly and most importantly was American made by American workers. The more they talked the more they saw a need for all organic, made in the USA apparel. Bob and Frankie also have a strong belief in the holistic healing benefits of natural oils and herbs. Bob’s home in the Georgia mountains is in hemptown heights, hence Hemptown Apothecary was created. Another friend of fifty years was asked to join, Mike Kelly. Mike has vast knowledge of the healing benefits of hemp seed oils, lotions and other hemp products. He also is knowledgeable on the benefits of herbal teas and natural oils. Our goal is to provide the finest Hemp, Bamboo and Organic cotton apparel that is made in the USA and also to have a healing and holistic supply of natural oils and herbs.

Welcome to Ragz on the Ridge and Hemptown Apothecary, a 21st Century Head Shop.

-Bob, Frankie and Mike